Infant feeding support & Tongue Tie Division

Specialist highly qualified support for infant feeding

Infant Health and Wellbeing Classes

From hypnobirthing to Paediatric First Aid Classes

Inclusive Infant Feeding Support

Dr Silberstein Clinic is proud to be inclusive to LGBTQIA+ families

The Leto Clinic – Individualised Postnatal Care

  • Dr. Leah Deutsch, an NHS Consultant Obstetrician and Gynaecologist, created the Leto Clinic to provide individualised, trauma-informed care for women and birthing people after birth.
  • Leah is passionate about tailored postnatal care, especially in resource-limited public systems, drawing from her professional experience and personal journey as a parent.
  • As a qualified advanced yoga teacher specializing in women’s health and with expertise in birth trauma, Leah offers a comprehensive and holistic approach to support new mothers at the Leto Clinic.

Experience compassionate and nurturing postnatal care at the Leto Clinic. Our dedicated team, led by an experienced obstetrician and gynaecologist, is here to support and empower you on your journey into motherhood. During your 50-minute session, we prioritize your well-being by providing a thorough physical assessment, taking into account any specific concerns or challenges you may be facing. Our trauma-informed approach ensures that your emotional needs are heard and validated, offering a safe space for open discussion and access to evidence-based therapy if necessary. Additionally, we offer gentle guidance on exercise, contraceptive options, and feeding concerns, including referrals to lactation consultants when needed. Your comfort and happiness matter to us, so book an appointment today and let us provide the compassionate care you deserve at the Leto Clinic.

Finest Patient Care & Amenities

The Dr Silberstein Clinic offers a range of services from pregnancy through to early childhood.  Tongue tie division and infant feeding services are the clinic speciality service.   Dr Silberstein welcomes you to her Clinic and looks forward to welcoming you soon.

Dr Silberstein Clinic Events

Highly Skilled Professional services for identifying and treating tongue tie.

Multiple, highly skilled International Board Certified Lactation Consultant practitioners providing the gold standard of infant feeding care for all infant feeding queries. Individual and group consultations available.

Antenatal Classes for education and Antenatal Checkups. Hypnobirthing Courses and Postnatal Support and Care.

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