Avni Trivedi

MSc Paediatric Osteopathy, BOst, PG Dip Women’s Health Osteopathy

Welcome! My name is Avni Trivedi and I’m an experienced Osteopath, Doula and Zero-Balancer.

My approach brings together East and West, bridging the relationship between body and mind. Who I am today and my mission to champion personal wellness has been influenced by my passion for health and wellbeing, psychology, personal development, education, spirituality, nature and movement practices.

Touch remains core to everything I do, complemented by aspects of lifestyle medicine. I enjoy collaborating with practitioners in the fields of obstetrics, paediatrics, complementary therapy, therapy and coaching, yoga and dance.

“Listening to what my hands and intuition tell me enables me to identify and treat the root cause of symptoms.”

In my treatments I use skilled touch, careful adjustments and gentle movements to integrate different parts of your body.

This allows your body to communicate freely, resulting in reduced pain, and ease of movement. By relating your physical niggles to what’s playing out in your life at large, we will recognise the signals that create imbalance, setting you on the path to evermore conscious wellbeing.

Through this approach my clients often find themselves dropping into a state of calm where they are better connected with their bodies and also the world around them. When body and mind are aligned, we thrive.

I believe that personal health is the foundation for any individual’s success, in all areas of their life.

It is this fundamental belief that has pushed my curiosity forwards, inspiring me to learn and share as much as I can to help promote a healthier society.

I’ve treated more than 1,000 patients, over 15 years experience as an osteopath and 20 years experience in practicing reiki and shiatsu.

I offer a safe and nurturing space for my clients to work through their personal issues, and move towards greater health and happiness. After every interaction, I want my clients to feel energised, calm, informed and better about themselves. I help them to understand that ongoing investment in their personal well-being.

“My combined respect for the past and ongoing thirst for knowledge, means that I can offer my clients the most modern of western practices combining them with the wisdom and tradition of many eastern practices. Drawing on this unique set of tools means that every one of my clients receives treatment and support built specifically for their needs.”


MSc Paediatric Osteopathy, BOst, PG Dip Women’s Health Osteopathy


MSc Paediatric Osteopathy, Bachelor in Osteopathy, Postgraduate diploma in Women’s Health Osteopathy


Also certified in Zero Balancing, Non-Linear Movement Method teacher, Birth Doula

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