Dr Dalia Nelson
NHS GP, Postnatal Medicine, Woman’s Health, Menopause

Dr. Dalia is an esteemed National Health Service (NHS) General Practitioner, and also a devoted mother of three young children. Her professional focus centres on women’s health and postnatal medicine, a realm she is deeply passionate about. Having traversed the intricate journey of the fourth trimester, replete with challenges such as colic, allergies, and feeding intricacies, Dr. Dalia stands as a knowledgeable companion adeptly equipped to navigate you through this phase.

Drawing from her personal experiences, Dr. Dalia is uniquely poised to offer comprehensive guidance, encompassing all those aspects which you might have hoped to glean during your antenatal classes. Her new course will be hosted within an environment tailored for infants, fostering a warm and nurturing ambiance that not only caters to the well-being of your baby but also extends its embrace to encompass your own emotional and mental wellness during these early days.

The upcoming course holds the promise of an exhilarating exploration of essential topics, designed to spark excitement as we embark on this enriching learning journey. Delving into a spectrum of pivotal subjects, our curriculum will encompass:

  1. Embarking on the Early Days: An insightful unveiling of the forthcoming moments, offering a glimpse into the captivating subtleties of this transformative period.
  2. Navigating Adjustment Reactions and Postnatal Mental Health: A dynamic discussion on the emotional landscape of new parenthood, equipped with strategies to cultivate a resilient and positive mindset, ensuring optimum well-being.
  3. Caring for Early Infant Health and Feeding: An enthralling immersion into the realm of infant care, including invaluable insights into nurturing their health and facilitating nourishing feeding practices.
  4. Revitalising Exercise and Pelvic Health: An invigorating segment dedicated to rejuvenating your physical vitality, with a particular focus on pelvic well-being, complete with strategies to enhance overall fitness.


NHS GP, postnatal medicine, women’s health, menopause



Medicine, psychology


Foundation training in general practice, emergency medicine and general medicine in London. GP training in Paediatrics, Psychiatry and general medicine in London.

Registrations to organisations

Member of the royal college of general practitioners.

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