Fraupow Wearable Breast Pump – Double Set


No hassle, no plugs and no wires – simply place it within your bra and continue going about your life as usual.

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2 Pumps in one box

Keeping a good supply and regular routine of breast milk extraction should’t interfere with your life.  The traditional breast pump always seems to be clumsy, bulky and noisy, and have been like that since the beginning of when pumps became available to mums.  Don’t you think it’s about time for modern mums to have a much more modern solution?

At Fraupow, they feel that the time is long overdue and are pleased to present their award-winning wearable breast pump made with the busy modern mum in mind.  You could be travelling, working, driving around on errands and this amazing portable pump could very well be the perfect solution to your multi-tasking needs.  Simple and easy to use, they are certain that you’ll even forget that you’re wearing it!

Safe and Simple

No hassle, no plugs and no wires – simply place it within your bra and continue going about your life as usual.  Made from durable, lightweight and BPA-Free silicone materials, not only does it fit within the shape of you it also fits within your schedule!  You can wear it underneath your clothing due to it’s discreet design, and the hands-free pump is almost undetectable.  The only real sign of its existence will be how much milk it helps you produce!

This pump uses advanced air-pressure pulse technology that expresses milk but avoids the irritation and discomfort often associated with breast pumps.  It’s powerful and gentle at the same time (much like the great mums that use it!), and allows a comfortable and efficient pump every time.

Options For Everyone

Every mum is different and has unique needs and preferences, which is the reason this pump offers 12 different intensity levels, putting you fully in control of the strength you pump at.  Choose between 3 different modes (massage, pump and auto), to ensure complete versatility and comfort.  It has a long-lasting battery that give syou a full 90 minutes of pumping after each full charge.  It’s cordless and outrageously portable, making Fraupow confident that their pump will become your new go-to companion.


  • Battery level indicator
  • Anti-Leak Hands-Free Design
  • Timing Display
  • Light-Up LCD Display
  • Air Pressure Pulse Technology
  • Powerful Suction – 230-300 mmHg
  • Strong Battery Life (Up to 90 minutes)
  • 30-minute automatic shut-off timer


  • Charging Port: USB Type C
  • Material: Food grade silicone
  • Weight: 218g
  • battery: 800Ah (Included)
  • Capacity: 180ml


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