Doddl Baby cutlery set and case


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Suitable for babies from 6+ months, this cleverly designed baby spoon and fork set is the perfect first cutlery set for your baby!

Recommended by experts, doddl cutlery is designed to help your little one learn at every mealtime and complements baby led weaning. Above all else this baby cutlery set is safe for your baby.

The short compact handles remove the gag risk presented by long handles, whilst the smooth ends feel comfortable in your baby’s mouth.

The doddl baby spoon and baby fork handles are easy for your baby to hold in their palm grasp. The colourful soft touch areas on either side of the handle encourage babies to ‘pinch’ the cutlery, helping to develop the more advanced pincer grip (a key motor-skill).

This set will build a positive association between cutlery and mealtimes, helping smooth the transition to confident independent eating as a toddler!

This set includes a travel case so you can keep your doddl cutlery set safe and hygienic when you’re out and about

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