Elvie Breast Pump


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Elvie Pump is an ultra-quiet, wearable electric breast pump designed to discreetly slip inside your bra. Controlled through an app on your phone for a seamless experience, you can confidently collect breast milk where other pumpers dare not go.

Elvie Pump is wire-free, hands-free and hassle-free. Like pumping should be.

Small, lightweight, and hands-free, Elvie Pump tucks discreetly into your bra. Feel confident pumping hands-free anywhere—from boardroom to baby’s room.

Quiet by design, Elvie Pump uses patented breast pump technology that lets you focus on other things while you pump.

No cords, no tubes, no wasted time—Elvie Pump has just five parts to clean and is easy to assemble. Getting started couldn’t be easier with in-app onboarding that guides you step-by-step. 

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