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MEDISTRAP by MILK STRAP is a label attachment devised remind you when you adminstered medicine to your child.  Each MILK STRAP is made of high-quality silicone, with an inner iron plate to temporarily fix the MILK STRAP around a baby bottle, ensuring a quick, hassle-free, and secure hold.

MILK STRAP recommends that you use the compatible dry-erase MILK STRAP pen provided within the pack. MILK STRAP pens are black dry-erase markers that contain erasable ink that adheres to the non-porous silicone surface of MEDI STRAP by MILK STRAP without binding to or being absorbed by it. Using another pen would risk staining the product

Using a MILK STRAP pen, write into the box the child’s name along with the date and time the medicine you choose to give was administered. This then acts as a reminder to all caregivers. Once this information is outdated, wipe the  box clean with a damp cloth then simply reuse.

Do not put the bottle into a microwave once the MEDI STRAP has been applied.

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